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Hugh Spagnuolo Excellence in Essay Writing Award Guidelines

1.      Goal: To encourage & recognize excellence in writing by Lansing Eastern High School (LEHS) students.

2.      Eligible students: LEHS Seniors may submit one essay each.

3.      Amount of Award: $2,500 to one winner. Award to be presented at Senior Awards ceremony in Spring 2008.

4.      Subject: Expository writing in academic style, analyzing the student’s favorite book but without first person references to what the student liked or disliked. The book can be a novel, poem, or play.

5.      Requirements: 1000 to 2500 words, typed, double-spaced, single sided.  The essay must be the sole work of the entrant, although quotes may be used if the source is acknowledged. Entrant’s name must only appear on the entrance form and must not appear anywhere on the essay. Each essay will be assigned a coded number linked to the entrant’s name so that essay evaluators cannot identify the essay author. Place TWO copies of the essay and the completed entrance form in envelope provided by Mrs. Staton.

6.      Evaluation Criteria:

The essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:

·         Originality – Is the argument unique in content, use of language, and style?

·         Content & Form – Does the author make good use of formal writing?  

·         Organization – Is the essay clearly worked out and complete?

·         Writing Style – Is the writing, clear, convincing and/or powerful?

·         Mechanics – Does the essay adhere to standard language requirements?                                                                                                                                                   

7.      Evaluators: May include head of LEHS English Department, LEHS teachers, MSU teacher volunteer, LEHS Alumni Association members, including current or retired teachers, LEHS graduates with a special eye toward including young, bright and capable alumni who were Advanced Placement (AP) students or would have been AP students if AP classes existed during their enrollment. Evaluators evaluate entries, select winner and notify LEHS Alumni Association.

8.      Entrance Deadline:

·         Friday, April 4, 2008 Completed entrance form and two copies of the essay must be delivered to Mrs. Staton by 3:30 pm Friday, April 4, 2008 and placed in the envelope she will provide to be picked up by LEHS Alumni Association members.

9.      Schedule of Events:

·         April 4, 2008 through April14, 2008 Essays evaluated

·         May 1, 2008 Winner selection finalized

·         Late May/Early June 2008 Award presented at Senior Awards Ceremony

10.  Sponsored by: LEHS Alumni Association
A Field-of-Interest Fund with an Advisory Committee in the Capital Region Community Foundation established in 1997 to benefit LEHS, its students and its faculty by providing charitable support for special programs, equipment and scholarships.

11.  Presentation of Award: Award to be jointly presented by LEHS Alumni Fund and Hugh Spagnuolo at Senior Awards Ceremony in Spring 2008.

12. Questions: contact Cindy Mielock: 485-4417

Last Year's Winner was Ted Kindig. 

Good Luck to all Participants this year!  



If you have any information regarding changes to the scholarship, please email them to the Eastern Webmasters. We are also interested in other scholarships that are available. Thank you.

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